Book Review: Obsession Falls By Christina Dodd



Taylor Summers witnesses the death threat to a young boy, and does the only thing she can do–she sacrifices herself to distract the killers. Her reward is a life in ruins, on the run in the wilderness, barely surviving a bitter winter and the even more bitter knowledge she has lost everything: her career, her reputation, her identity. She finds refuge in Virtue Falls, and there comes face to face with the knowledge that, to live her life again, she must enlist the help of the man who does not trust her to defeat the man who would destroy her. She’s being hunted, but it’s time to turn the tables….


I can’t say enough good things about this book.  I am used to reading romances from Christina Dodd, so I was intrigued that she wrote a thriller.  I wanted to see if it was anything like her romances, because I have enjoyed them in the past.  I have to admit I was kind of weary of reading it.   I have read books in the past where the author have branched out to other genera’s and it didn’t turn out so well.  I am glad to say to that my fears were unfounded.  The thing that I most loved about this book was  the strong female lead in it.  Not only does Taylor/Summer prove that she cane fend for herself,  but later in the story she doesn’t need to behind a man for protection, she can definitely kick ass and take names.  I think that Mrs.  Dodd did an excellent job in showing  Taylor transformation into Summer, though its one person,  they are two different people.

There was also two male leading males in this story as well,  I have to say that Christina Dodd really knows how to write some great characters. I have to admit I can see why Summer was having trouble choosing between these men.  Both of these men practically ooze sex appeal.  One of these men is a major villain in the story,  technically I wouldn’t really called either of them the good guy,  but there is one that out does the other as far as crimes goes.   Christina Dodd does a good  job of showing how she connects with both of these men. When the choice is obvious on who Summer should chose,  its hard because you find yourself secretly rooting for her to be with the guy she shouldn’t be.  This was how I was feeling when I was feeling when reading this.

I was surprised to learn that this is the fourth book in the Virtue falls series.  I haven’t read the other three books in the series, so I am not sure who was all in the last books that were in this book,   but just going by some of the scenes I can probably guess.  Though I haven’t read the first three books of this series,  I can say that this certainty stands on its own,  I don’t think that you need to read the other books before reading this one.  I am already planning to read the rest of the books in this series. I am eager to get back in Virtue Falls.  Just going by the ending of this book,  I have a feeling that this will not be the last book in the series.  So while I am waiting for that book I will occupy myself  previous three I have yet to have read.

Again please pick up this book,  you won’t regret it.  Its Amazing.



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