Book Review: Can you keep a secret? By R.L. Stine


Title: Can You Keep a Secret?

Series: Fear Street

Ages: 7 and up

Arthur : R.L Stine

Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin

Pages: 272

Rating: Two Stars

Hi everyone,  its been a while since I posted any reviews or anything.  I  am not going to get into why I have been away,  lets just say the past several moments have been very stressful.  So now I am ready to get back to reading and writing reviews. One of my reading goals is start reading more Middle grade and YA books.  I used to read Fear Street as a child so I thought this would be a good place to start.


I gave this story three stars.  I thought this story was okay,  I neither love this story or hated it either.  The story is about Emmy who has been having dreams that she is a wolf since she was little. In the beginning of the story she has this dream and in the dream she is in her wolf form and she kills this dog.  In the morning she tells her mother that she had  this wolf dream and her mother tells her that she has PTS because she was bitten by a dog when she was little.  Emmy of course is skeptical of this because she has no memory of getting bitten by a dog.  While she is arguing with her mother they are interrupted by the news which reports that a wolf  is running loose in shady town and it has attacked and killed a dog.  If this is not bad enough Emmy and her boyfriend find some money in the Shady Town woods that leads to a whole new set of troubles for her.

I didn’t love or hate this story. I thought it was okay. One of main problems with this book was that I felt that R. L Stine had  one to many plots going in this story and it took away from  the premise of what the story was supposed to be about.  I really liked the plot where they found the money in the woods.  I think that if  R. L.  had just stuck with this plot then the story would have been much better.  I liked  how he started with the wolf plot in the beginning,  but he spent so much time developing the money plot that he seemed to neglect the wolf plot. He did try to tie the wolves in with the money plot but it just fell  short for me and  it seemed rushed.  I like the character development in this,  I felt the character of Emmy was a little bit to paranoid,  but other wise they acted like your typical teenagers.

I always urge people to read the book for themselves they  may have a different perspective then me.  Though I was not happy with this story particularly I will go on and  read some more of his books.  Just to add, if you have any recommendation on books I should and want to review just leave a comment below.



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