Book Review: Victoria by Daisy Goodwin


Title:  Victoria:  A Novel of  a Young Queen

 Author:  Daisy Goodwin

 Genre:  Historical Fiction

  Era:  Victorian

 Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

 Pages: 416

  Grade: A

Review:  This is the first book I am reading for the #2017HFReadingChallenge . I have not read as much historical fiction as I would have liked.  I would like to change to that.   I was excited to learn that Daisy Goodwin had written a novel on Queen Victoria. The book was not a disappointment at all.  I finished in three days.  I couldn’t put this book down.  The novel briefly touches on Victoria’s childhood and then starts at the beginning of her reign.  The story starts off  with young Victoria wanting desperately to be free of the controlling grasp of her mother and  John Conroy.  She eagerly awaits for the day that she will be Queen.  After the death of her uncle King William IV she is finally crowned Queen of England. She soon realizes that there is more to being Queen then she imagined. And how dangerously unprepared for the job she is. She comes rely on Lord Melbourne who she sees as a father and maybe something more as time passes. Meanwhile those who are looking to advance their own power are waiting  for any weakness any weakness in the Queen to expose.  One of things I really liked about this book is how close it stuck to history.  There was something that Goodwin embellished on  but it was nothing drastic.  I thought that relationship between Melbourne and  Victoria was more embellished then it was in history.  I did get a sense that maybe she had a crush on him but I don’t think it went as far as it did in the book.  Though honestly I was not bothered that they chose to embellish on this particular couple. I like the what if factor of it all,  and I thought it was tastefully done and Goodwin made the pairing believable.  Another duo I like was relationship between Victoria and her mother.  I really liked how Goodwin wrote them.  The relationship was complicated and messy,  but despite this they really loved each other.   The only minor criticism I had on this book was that I thought Goodwin spent more time on Melbourne/Victoria and less on Victoria and Albert.  I just felt that the Victoria/Albert relationship was a wee bit rushed, but despite this I still loved the book. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Daisy Goodwin is a writer for the PBS series on Victoria.  After reading this book I am even more excited about the series.  I encourage everyone to read this.  I am definitely going  to be reading more books by Daisy Goodwin.



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