Book Review: Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh



Title:  Only Enchanting *  Author: Mary Balogh * Genre: Romance  *

Publisher:  Penguin Radom House * Pages: 387 * Grade:  A+


Only Enchanting is the  fourth book in The Survivors club series.  Six men and one woman make up the survivors club.  Who had all been injured during the Napoleonic wars.  While recover they forged a friendship with each other.  Each year the group has a reunion at Penderris Hall,  where they spend a few weeks in each others company.

This year they decide to have the reunion at Middlebury Park which belongs to Vincent Darleigh and his wife Sophia.  Sophia just had a baby and Vincent didn’t want to leave her or their son. Agnes Keeping is a widow,  she also lives with her sister in a cottage that is close to Middlebury.

Agnes is reunited with  Lord Ponsonby,  who she met months earlier at a ball.  Who she fell in love with,  but being a relist,  thinking that she would never see him again after that night.  Learning that he is a visitor at Middlebury,  she tries to avoid him but is not successful.  He eventually ask her to marry him,  she is shocked and doubtful of his intentions,  considering that he told her  earlier that he had no intention of ever marrying.

She eventually  say yes,  but soon regrets her decision later on when she learns that the only reason that Flavian married her was to get revenge on his former fiancé who left him for his best friend.  Agnes has her bags packed and his ready to leave,  but Flavian stops her and begs her to give him a week to make their marriage work.  Will she do it???

My Review

The beginning of the story of this story went rather slow for me,  the story didn’t really pick until  Flavian asked Agnes to marry him,  which was probably a hundred pages into the book.  I am not usually a fan of this,  but after reading the book I come to appreciate it with Mary Balogh.  I like the slow build up, and then at the end you get this amazing ending.  She had me guessing until the very last second of the story.

I also liked the portrayal of her characters. I thought she wrote them well and portrayed them realistically. I like how she used issues that the characters to were dealing from their past to strengthen the story and the characters relationship. Agnes still had issues with her mother abandoning her, though she didn’t think that was an issues for her. Flavian also had issues that he was dealing with in regards to the death of his brother and lost memories from injury.

Though she did annoy me throughout the book, I thought that Velma was the perfect villainess. The type to smile to your face and then try to manipulate the situation to her own advantage. Though she didn’t end in the end, I wish she got more her just do. That is the only criticism if you call that I had with this book.

I loved the pairing of Flavian/Agnes. I really like it when characters don’t think that they are right for each other (Due to insecurities, or they don’t think that the other person is their type) but end up falling in love with each other.

I highly recommend this book, I really enjoyed reading it and looking to reading more from this author.

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