Book Review: The Lost girl of Astor Street by Stephanie Morrill


Title: The Lost Girl of Astor Street * Arthur:  Stephanie Morrill  *  Genre: Mystery

Publisher:  HarperCollins * Pages: 347 *  Verdict:  Buy it

My Review

The Lost Girl of  Astor Street takes place around the 1920’s in Chicago. In the beginning of the story we are introduced to  Piper Sail and her friend Lydia Devine.  Who are in their last year of school.

Piper is the wild child of the two.  She is known for getting in all kinds of scrapes.  Plus her knuckles are bruised due to punishment handed out by her teacher.  Piper has been friends with Lydia since they were young. Lydia mother doesn’t really approve of Piper but seems to respect the relationship she has with her daughter.

As the story progresses we learn that Lydia is sick.  She suffers from seizures.  Her parents wants to keep this under wraps because Lydia father is a doctor and he thinks that if his patients finds out that it will hurt his practice. Lydia, herself,  doesn’t even know about the seizures because  she forgets that she has them after an attack.

  Piper knows because has witnessed a few of the seizures. The Devine’s have sworn her to secrecy,  she can’t tell anyone, including Lydia about the seizures.

The Devine’s finally decided to  seek more professional help in regards to Lydia seizures.  So they decide to send her away to a hospital that is out of town.  Lydia of course is upset and doesn’t want to leave.

She doesn’t want to leave her friends, and she doesn’t want to leave Matthew, the family driver, who she has fallen in love with.  She goes visit Piper, who convinces her to tell Matthew how she feels.  That is the last time Piper sees Lydia again, who goes missing that very day.  The rest of the book is  Piper investigating Lydia whereabouts.

I picked up this book up randomly at the library and ended up really loving . I am hoping that this author writes a sequel  to this.  I am really eager to get back in this world.  This is the first mystery I have read in a longtime. Which is making want to read more mysteries.

I thought the writing was really good and it was easy to read.  I couldn’t  put this book down.

I liked how it was also set in the twenties,  which from a  history perspective is a really fascinating era,  and I thought she did a good job in portraying this era.  When reading I felt like I was back in that time.

I didn’t really get a  Downton Abbey feel when I was reading this.  So I think that the “Downton Abbey in downtown Chicago”  description is kind of inaccurate.  I think that this story stands on its own and doesn’t need  Downton Abbey shadow to prop it.

I loved all the characters in this.  They all added something to the story.  Even Jane, who I thought was the most useless character in the story.

For me Piper was my favorite character.  Despite the hard persona that she put on,  she was a big softy on the inside.  She would go to anything any lengths to protect those that she loves.

I have to say I was enjoying the romance in this story.  Piper has three guys that are interested in her.  Walter,  Jeremiah and Cassano.  I am leaning towards Cassano,  but she seems to have chemistry with all three so its hard to pick who I want her with. Hopefully if this turns into a series it will become much clearer in the future.

If you have not read this,  please go pick it up at your library,  I would even go as far as saying to go buy it.  Its certainly worth the money.

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