Short Reviews: The Trouble with Love By Laura Lee Guhrke



Hi everyone,  as you probably noticed that I have titled this short reviews,  this  is something that I just came up with.  This type of review  is not going to be long and maybe as detailed as normal reviews. Something short and sweet. I am not going to do this for all my books,  but its going to be a regular feature on here.  Thanks 🙂



My thoughts


This is the second book in the Dear Lady Truelove series. I just realized that this book was the second series. I haven’t read the first book, but I would say you don’t necessarily have to read these books in chronological order.

This book certainly can stand on its own.

This is the story of Clara Deverill, the younger sister of Irene from the first book of the installment. Irene leaves Clara in charge of running the family Newspaper.

One of Clara’s duties is to pen the Lady true love advice column. Needless to say she stressed out about handing out advice on things she herself never experienced. Taking her work to a tea shop, she overhears a conversation between two men, and is horrified to listen to a man teach his friend the honorable way of jilting a woman……and the roller coaster begins.

I really loved this book! Not only was it romantic, but it was humorous as well. I found myself laughing out loud more than once while reading this story.

I loved the pairing between Clara and Rex. Despite being a stud muffin himself, it was not Clara’s looks that attracted him to her. I liked the scene in the book where Clara realized how much power she had over him. I think that was a boost to her self-confidence which she desperately needed.

I liked that Clara suffered from Shyness, which I can relate, but she grew more confident as the story progresses. Aside from Rex and Clara, I thought this book as a whole had a lot of good characters.

I loved Aunt Petunia. I kind of wished that she had been played more towards the end. I would love to see her reaction to Rex finally settling down and getting married. Overall I thought this was a great book.

I have been taking a break from to romances, but this book was a great book to pull me back in.


Title:  The Trouble with True love

Author: Laura Lee Guhrke

Pages:  373

Publisher Books: Avon Books

Rated: Five Stars