Review: The Girl’s guide to conquering life.


The best career advice to give any career advice to give to the young is “Find out what you like doing best  and get someone to pay you for doing it.”  ~  Katharine Whitehorn


My thought’s


First of all I like to thank Revell books for sending me a copy of this so I can share it all with you.  I really liked this book.  Though I think that its more geared towards younger women then myself.

I think that women in their late teens early twenties would really benefit from this.  Though there was things that I, someone whose a little older,  could have benefited from by reading this.

The book is basically is an “How to Manuel”.  It covers  a broad range of issues.  Like sports,  cooking,  budgeting,  dating.  Any area of life that you could think of.  I really  like the cooking section.

I am not good at cooking,  so this is one area of my life that I really need to improve on .  The book  teaches you how to cook a whole chicken,  broil a steak,  cook rice.  Though the sections are not long,  it gets you started,  and you can expand out to other books learn more about cooking and any other topic discussed in this book.

Though this book was geared more towards women, I think that guys could benefit as well.  I think that this book would be a great gift to anyone just starting out on their own.

I thought this book was easy to read,  I like the fun facts and quotes that was littered throughout the book.  I highly recommend this.

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