Book review: The CEO’s Nanny Affair by Joss Wood


My thought’s


The CEO’s Nanny Affair is the 3rd book in the Ballantyne Billionaires series.  Tate Harper who is a globe trotting TV star life is suddenly turned upside down when her sister suddenly abandons her infant daughter, Ellie,  in her care.

Desperate Tate contacts Linc Ballantyne, her sister’s ex and father to another child ( son, Shaw) that Kari abandoned,  in hopes that he might help her somehow. Linc who has been burned by Tate’s sister Kari the past.  Is weary of women, especially women with the last name of Harper.

He reluctantly lets her move in as a temporary nanny to his son. The sexual chemistry between these two is instantaneous,  but learning to trust each other and overcoming their past is much harder.

I really wanted to love this book, but ended up being disappointed in it. I found the male lead in this story to be annoying.  He smoking hot,  but he could do with a personality change. I’m not a prude but I wish that Tate had held off sleeping with him. There is something twinge worthy about a character that sleeps with someone they don’t trust let alone respect.

Plus there was instances that I felt that Tate was so eager to please Linc that she was not thinking through how the situation would affect her in the long run.

Like the situation with Ellie, taking a child is a big responsibility, and it takes more than one day to make a decision on that.  In one scene, Tate felt like Linc was judging her, she was worried that he saw her like Kari.  So in order to please him she told him that Ellie would stay with her until they find Kari.

Never mind at this point in the story she had no place to live or even the knowledge on how to take care of a baby.  And Linc was not offering to take her in at this point,  so why should he have any room to judge how she deals with the situation?

One of the things I did like about the story that Linc seemed to get over himself at the end of book.  Glad that he wised up that women can be wives, mothers, and have their career as well.

I would never tell anyone not read a book,  but I would definitely borrow this at the library.  Even though this book was a miss rather then a hit.  I am going to the rest of the series.

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