Book Review: Ten Kisses to Scandal by Vivienne Lorret




Title: Ten Kisses to Scandal ~~Author: Vivienne Lorret

Publisher: Avon Books ~~  Format:  Kindle~ Genre: Romance


My Review

I would first off like to say thanks to  Vivienne Lorret  for letting me be apart of her review team and for Avon Book for sending me this wonderful book.

Ten Kisses To Scandal  is the second book in Vivienne Lorret Misadventures in matchmaking series. The story centers around Briar Bourne who is an inspiring matchmaker. Her family runs a match making service and Briar has aspirations of becoming a match maker herself,  she wants to prove to her sister that she is good for more then just pouring tea.

So she decides to sneak out of the house in hopes of getting one of the town’s most eligible bachelor’s as a client.  While trying to hail a carriage she comes upon a scandalous scene of man and woman in the midst of passion. Instead of running away, she watches which catches the attention of the rake Nicholas Blacklowe,  Earl of Edgemont.

Edgemont is both amused and intrigued by Briar.  He doesn’t expect to see her again after their first encounter,  but is surprised to learn that she is friends with his cousin Temperance. He then hires her to help both his cousins, Temperance and Daniel, to find suitable matches.

Not only that he agrees to give her “lessons” in match making.

The payment ?

She has to kiss him with each lesson.

Things get more intriguing when a woman from Nicholas past hires Briar to match Nicholas.  At first she all up for the task but as the attraction grows between her and Nicholas the thought of him marrying another woman doesn’t sound so appealing anymore.

I really loved this story, once I got started reading this I couldn’t put it down. I love the Jane Austin quotes at the beginning of each chapter.  I thought that the story was written very well written and the pacing of the story was just right.

I think that the pairing of Nicholas and Briar was Amazing!  I fell in love with this couple from the beginning.  You could definitely see the sparks between them. I love the banter between these two,  I found myself laughing out loud. I also love the slow burn,  even though in one scene they could be kissing you still had that element of surprise wondering if they were going to get together or not .

I had several favorite scenes in this book,  but I have to admit the carriage scene at the beginning of the story when Briar first meets Nicolas is my favorite. Vivienne Lorret has a way of pulling you into the scene.  Its almost as though you are there yourself.

Overall, great book.  I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. If your looking to read a great romance for Valentines day then look no further.


5 Star Rating


About the Author:


USA TODAY bestselling author Vivienne Lorret transforms copious amounts of tea into words. She is an Avon author of The Wallflower Wedding series, The Rakes of Fallow Hall series, The Season’s Original series, and the Misadventures in Matchmaking series. For more on her upcoming novels, sign up for her newsletter at










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