Book Review: Project Duchess By Sabrina Jeffries




Title: Project Duchess ~ Author: Sabrina Jeffries

Publisher: Kensington Books  ~  Format : Kindle



My Review

Project Duchess is the first book in Sabrina Jeffries Duke’s Dynasty series. Fletcher Pryde, Duke of Greycourt, gets an urgent message from his mother informing him of his stepfather’s death. Grey was sent away to live with his Aunt and Uncle when he was younger. Ever since then he has a tense relationship with his parents. So tense that Grey has started calling his stepfather by his given name. There is more to it, but I don’t want to give the whole book away.

Despite the bad feelings, Grey loves his family, and is devastated by the loss of his stepfather. Traveling to his family estate, the first person he encounters is Beatrice Wolfe. Beatrice is the cousin of Grey’s younger brother Sheridan.
The family dynamics is kind of confusing at first but by the end of the story it’s easy to figure out whose who and how they are related. (Grey’s mother had been married multiple times and bore three Dukes).
There is instant attraction between Grey and Beatrice, but they both have reasons to stay away from each other. It doesn’t help things that Sheridan thinks that Beatrice’s brother killed their stepfather.

This is not my first Sabrina Jeffries, and once again she has yet to disappoint me. I love this story. I liked how the murder mystery was written in this story. At the end of the story we don’t find out who the murderer is. Which is fine with me, I hate when authors write a murder mystery. Because usually two things happen.

Either they spend most of the book building up the plot and then there is a really rushed conclusion, ruining the entire plot all together. Or they place the blame on the most predictable character. I’m liking how Sabrina Jeffries is taking her time with this plot and we are going to learn more about the Killer in the next upcoming books in this series.
Another thing I love about this book was the pairing of Grey and Beatrice. I liked how the plot focused more on them instead of getting caught up in this murder mystery. I love that both Grey and Beatrice can be their true selves around each other and not have to put on false airs around each other. One of my favorite scenes was when Grey made a truce with Beatrice that they would always be honest with each other. Not only that, but Beatrice would stop apologizing for everything little thing she says and be herself. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and cannot wait for the next book in this series. For any romance readers, I highly recommend adding this to your TBR.
5 Star Rating


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