Book Review: The Princess Theory By Alyssa Cole

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Alyssa Cole
A Princess Theory
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Romance


The Princess Theory is the first book in  Alyssa Coles “Reluctant Royals” series. Naledi or Ledi as she is called is getting these strange emails telling her that she is betrothed to the Prince of Thesolo.  There is also a suggestion that her parents ( who died when she was a baby in a car accident) are in the hot seat with the King and Queen of this African country. But the royal family are willing to put there feelings aside and continue with the betrothal. 

At first Ledi finds the emails amusing,  but as time goes by and continue to harass her with emails she starts getting annoyed and thinks its some scammer that is harassing her. After a particularly bad night she finally responds,  she hasn’t been replying back to them previously. She basically tells the person to bleep off. 

I think you can use your imagination on what she might have said. Her responding to the email ironically leads Prince Thabiso to finding her. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot.  But in order to get to know Naledi better, Thabiso decides to hide his own identity for a minute and uses the alias of Jamal. This both brings them closer and tears them apart at the same time. 

I really loved this story.  By the time I was finished with this story I was questioning myself,  why I had not picked this up sooner? I thought that the writing in this story was very good.  I liked how Thabiso in the guise of Jamal was able to experience her world (Which was different from his – due to him being a Prince) and she later on when she goes to Thesolo. 

 I also liked how realistic this book was. I admit had some reservations about the whole “Princess” off the street plot.  Plus, I like how Alyssa Cole portrays the duties of the Prince in this. He is not just being served by servants, but actual duties that will help him later on when he becomes King.  Like him meeting with energy executives who are willing to give him a lot of money so they can frack on the land in Thesolo. Thabiso is against this of course, but I like how Alyssa Cole is bringing an awareness of this in her book. 

I love the pairing of Ledi and Thabiso. I thought they had chem from the first moment they met.  One of my favorite scenes was when Ledi had showed “Jamal” how to ride the subway. The sex scenes in this story was very steamy.  I thought I was going to drop the book because of how hot it was. 

Aside from the main characters, this book showcased a variety of characters.  I like the drama going on between Ledi and her best friend Portia, who has problems of her own,  which are not reveal yet ( Portia has her own story coming out in this series and that is the reason why).  Portia has drinking problem in this story, and she often take advantage of Ledi friendship. I love how towards the end that Ledi set boundaries and starts to see her own self- worth.  

Overall,  loved this book. I highly recommend it if your looking to start a new series. I am currently reading one of the books in the series, its not the second book,  but a novella one of the minor characters in this series. I will be reviewing that as well.  

Happy reading everyone !


5 Star Rating

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