Are they Really similar? A Goodreads challenge and general update.



Hello, its been a while.  Sorry  I have been away, my outside life has been keeping me away.  I have decided that I wanted to start off 2020 with some brand new reading challenges.  The first project is geard towards lowering down my Netgalley TBR, which to my own shame i let get out of control.  My second project  comes from “The Romance Readers Challenge” group on Goodreads. I have signed up for the triple R C challenge. Which I have read  romances from the years of 2016-2020.  I want to review every book I read on that challenge. So look out for those reviews.

For my last challenge, and this one I’m most excited about is called    “Are they really similar? ”  When you go on goodreads and you look up a book and at the side of the page its says similar books?  I wanted to an experiement to see if the books are indeed good recommendations for the original book.   I will give my thought’s along the way, and at the end see if this was a sucess or a failure?

The book I chose to read is ” Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen.  Goodreads gave me 31 recommendatations in total. I saw that some of the books are in series.  I will be reading other books in the  series as well,  I hate getting in the middle of the series, I might review those books just because.  Only books Goodreads listed are apart of this project, which are listed below.  As always you can join in if you want,  and there is no time limit to this project.


Are they really Similar? TBR 

  1. Lady of Milkweed Manor By Julie Klassen
  2. The Heiress of Winterwood (Whispers on the Moors, #1) By Sarah E Ladd
  3. The Governess of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides, #1) By  Carrie Turansky
  4. A Lasting Impression (Belmont Mansion, #1) By Tamera Alexander
  5. A Refuge at Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides, #3) by Carrie Turansky
  6. The Daughter of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides, #2) By Carrie Turansky
  7. The Colonel’s Lady By Laura Frantz
  8. A Talent for Trouble (Ladies of Distinction, #3) by Jen Turano
  9. An Hour Unspent (Shadows Over England, #3) by Roseanna M. White
  10. A Noble Masquerade (Hawthorne House, #1) by Kristi Ann Hunter
  11. The Reluctant Duchess (Ladies of the Manor, #2) by Roseanna M. White
  12. An Elegant Façade (Hawthorne House, #2) by Kristi Ann Hunter
  13. The Headmistress of Rosemere (Whispers on the Moors, #2) by Sarah E. Ladd
  14. A Return of Devotion (Haven Manor, #2) by Kristi Ann Hunter
  15. An Uncommon Courtship (Hawthorne House, #3) by Kristi Ann Hunter
  16. A Lady at Willowgrove Hall (Whispers on the Moors, #3) by Sarah E. Ladd
  17. A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2) by Roseanna M. White
  18. Kit and Elizabeth By Karen Tuft
  19. A Lady Unrivaled (Ladies of the Manor, #3) By Roseanna M white
  20. The Lost Heiress (Ladies of the Manor, #1) By Roseanna M  white
  21. To Whisper Her Name (Belle Meade Plantation, #1) By Tamera Alexander
  22. Daisies and Devotion (Mayfield Family, #2) By  Josi  S. Kilpack
  23. Safe in His Arms (Under Texas Stars, #2) By Colleen Coble
  24. The Curiosity Keeper (Treasures of Surrey, #1) By Sarah E. Ladd
  25. Deep in the Heart of Trouble By Deeanne Gist
  26. Playing the Part (A Class of Their Own, #3) By Jen Turano
  27. Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections, #2) By Tamera Alexander
  28. Circle of Spies (The Culper Ring, #3) By Roseanna M. white
  29. A Lady’s Favor By Josi Kilpack
  30. A Proper Pursuit By Lynn Austin
  31. A Name Unknown (Shadows Over England, #1) By Roseanna M. White





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