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Hi, my name is Rachel.  I am taking a bit of break from school,  but I want to go back and get my Bachelor’s degree in history.   I hope one day to be working in a library.

I  have always enjoyed reading.  I come from a family of readers. I remember my father having four or five books at the same time. Both my parents have encouraged my reading habits.  One of my fondest memories is me and my mom reading every night before I went to bed.

I have various taste when it comes to the books I like to read.  I like to read fiction and nonfiction.  Though this blog is mostly fiction reviews I want to introduce some nonfiction  as well.  I want to show people that nonfiction is not so bad.  I have various other ideas as well for this blog.

I would  love to hear from anyone on suggestion on and how to improve this blog.  Just to add, I am open to reviewing books, and doing book blog tours.  All you have to do is message. I will have a contact page up here soon where  you can do that.  Thank you ❤




One thought on “About Me

  1. Dear Rachel,

    You have a lovely website, colorful and nicely laid out—a site I would love to see one of my novels featured.

    I write a series of Historical Fiction novels called The Atheling Chronicles, published by Tirgearr Publishing. The series follows Harald Harefoot, a half-forgotten figure in eleventh century pre-conquest England. The third book in the series, The Cold Hearth, will be released this March. It can be read as a stand-alone. Here is a blurb:

    When Harald, second son of Cnute–the king of England and Denmark–agreed not to challenge his brother’s right of succession, he took up a holding in Mercia with his wife, Selia, away from life at court. As Harald and Selia restore the hall and outbuildings, they discover that one night years before, unknown assailants massacred the previous occupants. Harald suspects the neighbor who tried to warn them off. While they face the many challenges of landholding, someone attempts to murder Harald’s brother Sweyn, vowing to kill all the sons of Cnute. Harald worries whether he has enough men to protect Selia, when an old friend from their journey to Rome, Ravya ben Naaman, arrives with a sworn enemy of Harald’s, bound to his horse. Will the threat to their lives now end? Will Harald and Selia ever be truly safe?

    The Cold Hearth runs at about 80,000 words and I should have the ARCs by the end of January. Would you consider reviewing the book?

    Hoping to hear from you. All the best,

    Garth Pettersen


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